Silhouet, short for Silhouet Lighting, is a Dutch label of local and handcrafted lighting in subtle uncomplicated designs, genuine fabrics & colors creating atmospheric light. 
Silhouet is created and developed over a period of time finding its start in 2012 – 2013 by Jeroen Oeloff.  
With a Bachelor degree as Textile Engineer and a career as Product developer, Sourcing manager and Buyer in the fashion and apparel industry, Jeroen went on developing his fascination for home & interior objects. With the supported of a former employer in the Interior Industry offering the opportunity to develop his design & product development skills, Jeroen developed his vision and philosophy on product design. The first project launched is Silhouet Lighting.
Minimal Shape – Beautiful Shade
Personal Jeroen L.A.M.P. OxiWall Sarphaat

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