Circle collection

Circle collection



When the first items of Silhouet were created, there was one specific goal; take pointless elements from an object, though give the remaining essential shape character.
Inspired by earlier assignments and with the love for steel as a pure and raw material the idea for essential and pure lighting objects was founded.
Silhouet Circle Large Table Lamp Mirror L94A3544

The collection of circle lamps consists of 6 dimensions, table lamps with a height of 30 cm, 45 cm and 65 cm.
The Circle Magnum collection are lamps of 85 cm, 105 cm and 125 cm which are suitable as table and floor lamps.

Materials used are hot-rolled steel and pure brass in certain dimensions (red copper optional in certain dimensions).
Finishes possible are; no finish creating the most beautiful naturel effect, oxidized and powder coated in matt white fine texture and black flack fine texture.


Crafted with feeling for authencity, these beautiful pieces boast clean lines, subtle design and atmospheric light.

Silhouet Circle Medium Details OxiBuilding Logo ©poppyonto

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