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The classic shape of the iconic ‘schemerlamp’ made of authentic materials and finishes, add a nostalgic and both contemporary character to L.A.M.P.
True to its philosophy L.A.M.P. does purposely not hide the electric wire. When trying to hide the electric cord, unwillingly it will draw the attention. Now the wire will meander downwards not afflicting the essential shape.
Silhouet L.A.M.P. Details OxiBuilding L94A3715
Silhouet L.A.M.P. OxiBuilding L94A3694 cropped
Silhouet L.A.M.P. Table Brass Diagonal

L.A.M.P. table lamp

is available in the dimensions 42cm height, 30cm width and only 5cm (base) depth, which makes it well suited for basically any place at home or in the office.

6 variations in materials and finishes are available, such as brass, steel, powder coated matt white and oxidized brass and steel.

Floor L.A.M.P.

is in development and  ready to extend the Silhouet family early 2017. Floor L.A.M.P. will work perfect as bedside- and reading lamp.
Silhouet L.A.M.P. Details OxiBuilding L94A3708

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