Value 5


Value 5

“I want to create a brand which would be a legendary brand; a brand which creates value for customers, employees and stakeholders. With designs that evoke emotions. Because it appeals to you or detests you. That surprises you or alienates. But certainly does not leave you unmoved.
Please note; We don’t claim to be art, it’s only aesthetically.”
Jeroen, Silhouet Lighting
I.  Non-complex | Simplicity
    Ease & Please
II. Attention
    All that gets attention will grow.
III. Creativity
     Creation, construction, positivity, energy, share, fail, try, differ, balance, learn and
IV. Positive
     Positivity and enthousiasme will get you anywhere. At least a long way.
V. Give and Receive
    Be pleased to receive. And give when you can.

Minimal Shape – Beautiful Shade

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